by now it’s common book-nerd knowledge that we’re never going to have time to read all the books on our tbrs. 

I have accepted this, and so should you. but we can dream, right?? so this is my very optimistic 2018 tbr, before I become disillusioned and realise that the world is a cruel place and something will distract me from my lofty goals. I’m hoping the distraction is an alien invasion, personally. 

ps I put links in for ALL HUNDRED of these books so do me a favour and like, click on one. that’ll be worth it for me.

pps yes of course I put them in colour order, who do you think I am

the alternate title of this list is “help”












surely such pretty books can’t be THAT boring?





















I read 160 books in 2017, and there are 100 here, so that gives me some leeway. plus I’m sure there are several I’ve forgotten.

but let’s pretend I have my life together and have my whole year of reading planned out.

so tell me – what’s your most anticipated 2018 release?