first of all…hi. 

I realise it’s been a while. There are plenty of things I could blame for not blogging in a few months, but basically I just didn’t want to. But I think the break was just what I needed, so I’ll help you’ll enjoy this new look and hopefully some more frequent posts!*

*Emphasis on hopefully

anyway, without saying any more, here are my favourite books of 2017. out of 160 books, I’ve chosen 20, which is a total of 12.5% (I Googled it). good luck trying to catch up on your tbr.

(ps books get an extra two stars if they’re in pastel colours)

(just kidding)


the hate u give angie thomas – 

if you haven’t read this book yet you are seriously missing out. 

always and forever, lara jean jenny han – 

the perfect ending to my favourite contemporary YA series. very wholesome.

the sun and her flowers rupi kaur – 

I actually got to MEET Rupi Kaur this year, which was absolutely incredible, like her poetry. 

swing time zadie smith – 

this was a little different to what I usually read. it’s adult and quite literary in style, but it made me slow down a little, which I appreciated. 



turtles all the way down john green – 

I was REALLY pleasantly surprised by this. it felt a lot more real than his other books, and certainly more personal. still a bit pretentious but I mean, we should be used to that by now.

when dimple met rishi sandhya menon – 

this book is hilarious. from family drama to socially awkward nerd dating to Indian culture, it is a romp and a half. 

crazy rich asians kevin kwan – 

the fun part about this book is that you can interpret it two ways – are they CRAZY RICH, or are they CRAZY and RICH? (spoiler: both) both this book and its sequel, which I’ve now read, are an incredible look at fashion and opulence and food and families and drama. 

not your sidekick c. b. lee – 

f/f superhero book? what more could I ask?



queens of geek jen wilde – 

positive female friendships! bisexual, autism and anxiety rep that’s #ownvoices. fandom. geeks. f/f romance. I adored this book.

I am malala malala yousafzai – 

malala is incredible and nobody can ever live up to her ever.

we are okay nina lacour – 

wintry vibes. yellow bowls. family secrets. accepting help. this book was my favourite of 2017, and it’s not for everyone, but I am obsessed with it.



strange the dreamer laini taylor

I have never read anything like this book. it is so otherworldly and dreamy I could have just imagined the whole thing.

wintersong s. jae-jones

with influences from Christina Rossetti and Labyrinth, this was an incredible, sensual, magical read.

the inexplicable logic of my life benjamin alire saenz

in the usual style of saenz, we get dialogue-heavy, emotionally-charged story that absolutely aches. a beautiful story of family and the best YA dad of ever.

the book of dust philip pullman

I’m SO glad this didn’t disappoint. his dark materials is my favourite fantasy series, and this prequel was not as broad or as fantastical, but philip pullman is still an incredible storyteller, and I loved every moment.



exit, pursued by a bear e. k. johnston

now this is an incredible book. positive representation of cheerleaders, supportive parents, counsellors and police, and a really important exploration of rape (tw for that).

the long way to a small angry planet becky chambers

who knew I would become such a sci-fi fan?? this is a wonderfully diverse sci-fi set in space and I’ve never read more vividly-drawn aliens in my life.

when the moon was ours anne-marie mclemore

pumpkins, hanging moons from trees, roses growing from wrists and things turning to glass. anne-marie mclemore is honestly one of the best writers of our time.

the wicker king k. ancrum

parental neglect and two boys who become co-dependent on each other. huge trigger warning for all sorts of mental illnesses and substance abuse. it’s really, really dark, but I was completely hooked on these page-long chapters and a descent into madness.

sleeping giants sylvain neuvel

MORE sci-fi, goodness gracious me. it’s like a puzzle, and it’s told in interview fragments, and there are complicated morals and international politics and it’s so gooooood.


so there you have it! those were my favourite books from 2017. you can see my 2018 goodreads list here if you (somehow) still don’t have enough books on your tbr. see you on the flip side, bookos!


bookies? nerds?


we’ll work on it.