Cath Crowley,  Simmone Howell and Fiona Wood – a match made in heaven. 

This book has many incredibly good things about it. Three incredible #LoveOzYA authors, three girls banding together to bring down misogyny, lots of family situations, and plenty of interesting formats. 

I planned to have lots of lovely pictures in this post, but unfortunately WordPress hates me, so we’re going to go with gifs instead. 

In Take Three Girls we have (who’d have thought) three girls. Their names are Kate, Clem and Ady. 

Kate wants to pursue music but is battling what she thinks she NEEDS to do. Clem is leaving behind her swimmer life. And Ady doesn’t lead the perfect life everyone thinks she has. 

Three very different girls with their own fears, interests, ambitions and stories. Now this is what I like to see. 

I also loved the mystery at the centre, of PSST. It’s a site dedicated to slandering the girls at St Hilda’s. 

When the person responsible for PSST was revealed I was SO SO SAD. You’ll probably know what I mean if you’ve read it. But their response to finding out was incredibly empowering and I loved it.

Recently you may have heard that a female version of Lord of the Flies is in the works. 

This article by Libba Bray sums up why I think that’s a terrible idea. But anyway, books like Take Three Girls remind us of the importance of girls and women working together rather than tearing each other down, and that was my FAVOURITE part of the book. And the fact that three women worked together to create it? Even better. 

If you’re after a book like Beauty Queens or Summer Skin, look no further than Take Three Girls. 

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You can find Take Three Girls on Goodreads here.

What do you think about a female Lord of the Flies? Who are your favourite books by multiple authors?