i’ve come to terms with the fact that this blog is going to sporadic at best. 

desolate at worst. 

but though I love Instagram, I do still love having my own little corner here, and a chance to talk about the books I’ve really enjoyed. in January I read 13 books. as we all know, 13 is a very lucky number, so I’m happy with that.


far from the tree by robin benway

so my first read of 2018 was five stars, woohoo! Read this one if you enjoy: 1) Big (messy) families 2) Varying definitions of families 3) Lesbians 4) Characters who often mess up but grow so much throughout the book 5) WONDERFUL parents

magnus chase and the gods of asgard by rick riordan

these actually aren’t FAVOURITES of mine, but there’s always so much diversity and hilarity in Rick Riordan’s books that he can turn a mediocre-ish plotline into something fantastic

everything all at once by katrina leno

“everything all at once” is actually the title of my future memoir, so I was happy about reading this. it’s about an aunt who leaves letters to her niece for when she dies. there’s also a little bit of magic.

good me bad me by ali land

this book was, in two words, MESSED UP. I would use stronger words but there are CHILDREN who read this blog. TW for every possible imaginable thing under the sun, and I don’t even know how to rate it, but just know that it’s an incredibly addictive thriller about a girl whose mum is kind of a serial killer. 



harry potter and the philosopher’s stone by j k rowling

you guys might not have heard of this one (it’s from like 20 years ago and it’s a bit under the radar). omg so good though. although the author is the worst, so.

beneath the sugar sky by seanan mcguire

if you haven’t read any of Seanan McGuire’s novellas, you HAVE TO. the world building is impeccable, and they’re so, so imaginative. this one’s about a world called Confectionary, which doesn’t make any sense at all. all the charm of Alice in Wonderland but a lot more adult.

simon vs the homo sapiens agenda by becky albertalli

I reread this before going to a SUPER-SPECIAL ADVANCE SCREENING of the movie, and though I didn’t love it AS MUCH this time around, I attribute that to being old and bitter and not being as capable of as many emotions. or as much angst tbh.

*whispers* it was everything I could have hoped for

binti by nnedi ororafor

this is a wonderfully inventive little novella, and if you’re a sci-fi fan (which I have, inexplicably, become) then you’re sure to love this.

rich people problems by kevin kwan

I do not, unfortunately, have rich people problems. I do, however, have book people problems, and my main one right now is that there are NO MORE of these books. they are so incredibly entertaining, and I live for the drama that happens between these families. five stars all the way. 


nice try, jane sinner by lianne oelke

everyone has been RAVING about this one, and it’s an interesting concept (people compete in a college reality TV show to win a car) but I could not deal with Jane’s humour. it was a very abrasive kind of sarcasm.

astrophysics for people in a hurry by neil degrasse tyson

perfect for BUSY PEOPLE who like SPACE. although I’d still recommend Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time

meet cute by various authors

I pretty much just read this for Nina LaCour’s story, and of course it was wonderful in every way. Emery Lord’s was also good, but for me the meets were not cute enough in most of them.

norse mythology by neil gaiman

these stories are fascinating, and I loved some of the lesser-known ones, but Neil Gaiman’s writing style has never really meshed with me.

so those are the books I read in January!

I also went to the beach for a week, which was nice.

my next post will be whenever I can be bothered to write one, so stay tuned!