As you all should know (I hope), I’m obsessed with Instagram.Β 

I love anything visual, and scrolling through my feed tends to make me a) hungry, b) filled with wanderlust and c) in need of many books. BUT you probably already follow all of those book accounts. So I’m going to share ten of my favourite non-bookish accounts you may enjoy.Β 

1. Annie Tarasova

From gorgeous flatlays to drawings to travel photos, Annie is absolutely living the life. Aaaaand she’s Australian.

2. Lulusdreamtown

Not only does Lulu have incredible vegan food to share, she’s always about body positivity, which I am so here for. And she has a cool accent because she’s German.

3. Nutellasum

Breakfast in bed with Totoro and fam 🐰

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The depth of field in Natalie’s photos is absolutely beautiful. She’s also Australian, and I’m convinced all of the best Instagrammers are. Follow for travel and beautiful colours.Β 

4. Hannah Argyle

As you all should know from my Instagram, I’m OBSESSED with pastels, and Hannah does them so well. She describes her Insta as “little pieces of my world,” and it sure looks like a wonderful world.Β 

5. Chelseakauai

Chelsea makes me want to travel THE ENTIRE WORLD because her travel photos are so gorgeous. She also has a heap of behind the scenes stuff on her Insta story, which is lots of fun.

6. Tara Milk Tea

Another Sydney gal with photos to die for. I want to live in this field of sunflowers.Β 

7. Artrawpaulina

If ever I have the burning desire to become raw vegan (vegetarian is enough for me right now, thanks), I’ll have PLENTY of recipes to go off. Another one with beautiful depth of field and colour.

8. Bonnyrebecca

Rebecca is another Aussie-based vegan blogger and just look at how adorable she is. Everything on her Insta is so beautiful and positive, and perusing her page just makes me happy.Β 

9. Dodie

I wish I had discovered Dodie a million years ago. She’s awkward and truthful and has the most beautiful lyrics in her songs. AND LOOK AT THAT DODIE YELLOW. Yellow is my favourite colour and she makes it work for her so well. Ugh Dodie be best friends with me.Β 

10. Helloemilie

Honestly, the only word I can use to describe Emilie’s Instagram is “magical.” Filled with natural lighting, incredible travel spots, and the most incredible colours, I check her page every day to see if she’s posted something new. I’m in love.Β 

So those are ten Instagrammers I’m absolutely obsessed with! What kind of Instagrammers do you follow? Travel? Fashion? Food? I’m still on the look-out for someone who combines all of these with books, that would be the absolute goal.